ကၽြန္ေတာ္က စာမ်ားမ်ားမေရးႏိုင္ေတာ့ ကၽြန္ေတာ္တင္တဲ႔ေဆာ့၀ဲလ္ေတြ အသံုးျပဳလို႔အဆင္မေျပတာ၊တစ္ျခားနည္းပညာ ပို႔စ္ေတြ အဆင္မေျပတာ ၊ေဆာ့၀ဲလ္လိုခ်င္တာ၊ ကြန္ပ်ဴတာနဲ႔ ပက္သက္လို႔ တစ္ခုခုအဆင္မေျပတာကို္ေဆြးေႏြးမယ္ ၊ အကူအညီေတာင္းမယ္၊အၾကံေပးမယ္ဆိုရင္ cbox မွာေရးခဲ့ေပးပါလိုေမတၱာရပ္ခံပါတယ္.....

May 5, 2011

Adobe Flash Professional CS5.5 v11.5.0.325 Portable

Flash သမားမ်ားအတြက္ Adobe Flash Professional CS5 Portable ေလးပါ.... Full Version လိုခ်င္ရင္လည္းေျပာပါ Portable ေလးဆိုေတာ့ အသံုးျပဳရတာလြယ္မယ္ထင္လို႔ တင္ေပးလိုက္တာပါ......... Flashသမားမ်ားအတြက္အဆင္ေျပလိမ့္မယ္လို႔ထင္ပါတယ္.......လိုခ်င္တဲ႔သူမ်ားေအာက္မွာေဒါင္းသြားလိုက္ပါ File Size ကေတာ့ 506 Mb ပဲရွိပါတယ္........း)

Expanded platform and device support
Reach audiences on the latest Adobe Flash Player and Adobe AIR® runtimes and on Android™ and iOS devices.

Efficient workflows for mobile development
Manage FLA project files that target multiple devices. Share code and assets across documents and device targets to efficiently create, test, package, and deploy content for a wide range of screens and devices.

Content scaling when resizing stage
Save time when sharing symbols and motion paths across documents that are optimized for different screen sizes.

Enhanced layer control
Preserve important document structure when copying layers across multiple files and projects.

Symbol rasterization and better performance
Use new tooling options, on-stage symbol rasterization, and the Property Inspector to improve CPU, battery, and rendering performance on mobile devices.

Enhanced code snippets handling
Use the new pick whip to preview and visually add more than 20 new code snippets, including ones for creating mobile and AIR applications, use of the accelerometer, and multitouch gestures.

Streamlined Publish Settings dialog box
Publish content quickly and more efficiently with a redesigned Publish Settings dialog box.

Inverse kinematics pinning support
Lock inverse kinematics bones to the stage and set stage level movement restrictions to selected bones. Create multiple spans per layer, and define more complex movement of armatures, such as walk cycles.

Auto-save and file recovery
Ensure consistency and integrity of your files, even after computer crashes or power outages.

Incremental compilation
Use asset caching to reduce the compile time of documents that use embedded fonts and sound files, and deploy rich content faster.

Customer-inspired enhancements
Benefit from numerous user-requested improvements, including improved controls for the Text Layout Framework.

Seamless mobile testing
Perform source-level debugging on Adobe AIR enabled devices that are connected with a USB cable, running content directly on the device.


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